2 = concluding, eventual, final, terminal, ultimate, finished, wrap-up.
Ex. Therefore, during the concluding phase of the revision project, the representatives of ALA units and other organizations will function as a single group.
Ex. If a concept is recognized in the subject analysis of a document, it will form part of the eventual index description of that document.
Ex. The final index will mirror current terminology.
Ex. Numbers may be grouped in columns according to their terminal digit.
Ex. Abstracting and indexing data are a vital component in the communication link between the originator of information and its ultimate consumer.
Ex. For storytelling and reading aloud are performance arts: They involve a script (even when the words are improvised on the spot), an interpreter (the teller or reader), and an audience, and as in all performances, the audience plays a part in molding the finished work.
Ex. The workshop itself will serve as the wrap-up event for a project that has spent the last two years seeking to improve access to environmental information in the Balkan region.
* como fecha final = at the very latest.
* cuestionario final = exit survey.
* día del Juicio Final = Judgement Day.
* el día del Juicio Final = the Day of Judgement.
* El Juicio Final = The Last Judgement.
* escena final = closing scene.
* espacio en blanco final = trailing blank.
* examen final = final, final exam.
* frase graciosa final = punchline [punch line].
* índice final = back-of-the-book index, back-of-book index.
* informe final = final report.
* juicio final = doom.
* poner el colofón final = bookend.
* poner punto final a = bring + an end to, bring to + an end, close + the book on.
* poner punto y final a = put + a stop to.
* producto final = end product, finished product, final product.
* producto final, el = finished work, the.
* prueba final = final.
* resultado final = end result.
* sondeo final = exit survey.
* sprint final = last-minute rush.
* usuario final = end user [end-user/enduser], ultimate consumer, ultimate reader.
* ver la luz al final del túnel = see + the light at the end of the tunnel.

Spanish-English dictionary. 2013.

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